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Bathroom showrooms, in my dream, I want to place it near the beach, the jungle, in the big city atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is definitely impossible. Then, the only way to bring my affection of a luxury showroom of the bathroom, then I do an experiment for in my own bathroom. I modify my showroom of the bathroom with a tropic jungle sense to keep the atmosphere of warm in my body. The wall is dominated by the color of the wood and I also put some accessories relate to the tropic jungle such as leaf.

Bathroom showroom based on my experiment consists of the white washstand. I combine it by the square mirror with a styling leaf frame. Left side of it, I hung the tissue and the right side, I pin the green hook for the towel. Special for the bathtub, I chose white color and I add a little jar as the place of my mobile. Then, I can browse to the internet while relaxing my body in the bathtub.

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Bathroom showroom is also talking about the light. I pair the brown color in my room with three LED lamps to show the glamour idea. I put them above the mirror and one supporting lamp which have a low watt in the corner of the room next to the door. To whisper the classic topic, the switch on-off is using rope. It seems like the lamps produced in 80s.

Bathroom showroom is about the layout. Then, I see that the symmetric idea is wonderful to be applied for my showroom bathroom. I lay the washstand along with the lamps in the middle, bathtub in the right side and the toilet is in the left side. This position is to save the energy for the lamp. In addition, I attach some detail referring to the tropical jungle close to the real nature such as a rabbit doll and the root on the washstand next to the toothbrush.

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