Simple and Functional Floating Bathroom Vanity

floating bathroom vanity plans

Floating bathroom vanity could come in many different models and designs that could be matched with your bathroom theme to enhance the beauty and comfort-ability of your bathroom even more. They could be done for single vanity or even double vanity design and whichever you choose should be able to be placed inside the bathroom with the proper size. If you have a larger bathroom, shared bathroom for example, a double floating vanity could work well especially when the bathroom is made to occupy more than one person. This could be the perfect solution if you are sharing the bathroom with another person, hence making the time getting ready in the morning to be more efficient.

Floating bathroom vanity is usually used in a more modern design of a home though, especially with its appearance that is simple, practical yet functional for the bathroom. This particular type of vanity is still equipped with a mirror and a sink just like any other bathroom vanity, but the difference is that the base of the vanity doesn’t touch the floor. This is probably why the vanity itself is called floating vanity, especially with the look of the cabinet that “floats” and doesn’t touch the bathroom floors. For a spotless and tidy bathroom, this type of vanity could just be the perfect option that could make the bathroom inside your home looks more beautiful and elegant.

floating bathroom cabinet

Floating bathroom vanity is used a lot inside small bathrooms such as in apartment studios, lofts or home with minimalist design. It has become more and more popular especially because it doesn’t need a room or space for its legs that other type usually has. Even in tiniest room, it could still provide you the storage space that you need for some of your toiletries, sink for you to wash your hands and face, and mirror for you to check your reflection on when you are putting make up on or for shaving purpose. The beauty from this type of vanity could give you the stylish look and sleek form that it comes with that is perfect for any kind of bathroom.

6 Photos of the Simple and Functional Floating Bathroom Vanity

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